How to contribute

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The Association encourages traditional club events in all the ranging and aiming traditions of the longbow. It organises and assists safe traditional longbow shoots.

Please use the contact form if you want to run an I.L.A.A. shoot or an I.L.A.A. Championship. Perhaps you need to find Estates for shooting, or want to discuss matters relating to insurance, safety and risk assessment.

Are you setting up an Archery company ?
The I.L.A.A. has a standard Constitution and Rules for you.
You may wish to become one of the I.L.A.A’s Shoot Representatives.
You might like to submit a report of a shoot you have been to.
You may also want to submit a report in order to enter someone else’s shoot as a candidate for the I.L.A.A. logo.
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Management of the I.L.A.A. is vested in a 5 member Management Committee:

Chairman - Peter Ord
Recorder - Andrew Coe
Auditor - Ian Budden
Secretary - Catherine Mooyaart-Marteau
Treasurer - Brian Mooyaart

The Committee receive additional support from Shooting Representatives and those specialised in Risk Assessment.
Each support the variety of Longbow aiming and ranging traditions encompassed by the I.L.A.A.

To contact the Shooting Representative, or Management Committee member appropriate to your enquiry,
please leave a message and we shall contact you as soon as possible.

Tel: 01227 752375 and from abroad 00 44 1227 752375 (strictly evening only 19.00 - 21.00 hrs UK time)

Or simply leave a message