I.L.A.A. the International Longbow Archers Association  

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The I.L.A.A. - Membership and Insurance

The I.L.A.A. is for longbow archers. It seeks to lower the threshold of entry into the sport of longbow archery and to assist the safe organisation of insured traditional longbow shooting.

The Association covers all the aiming and ranging traditions of the longbow as practised into the 16th Century, from which the present traditions are derived.

It seeks to inform archers and other interested parties of their history and of requisite best practise. It encourages historic research into the traditional forms of shooting in all countries where it took place as a form of training and/or in battle.

The Association's members are insured for all the aiming and ranging traditions of the longbow and for all weights and sections of the longbow.

The I.L.A.A. makes its logo and its medals available to like-minded Companies of archers and shoots which support its standards. It also makes its copyright logo available on a yearly basis.

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